Wisibel - a cloud platform for selling more buildings and managing projects seamlessly.
An innovative solution

Wisibel is developed by Vizcon to simplify and improve the construction and real estate industry. The platform has a simple purpose:

To take advantage of your BIM models for sales, marketing and communication.


Imagine the possibility of giving your customer access to a 3D model of the house that is rendered in real time in the Browser during the sales process. Your customer will have the opportunity to see exactly what the house looks like, make visual options both externally and internally, and in a simple way be able to request changes.


In connection with this, you get a central place for the project regarding communication and information, completely automatically with material consumption and everything. This is Wisibel.

Wisibel HusHub

The HusHub module is used to communicate what something looks like. It can be, for example, a customer-unique villa in the sales stage, a catalog house on your website, garage, conservatory or an entire apartment complex. Your BIM model is uploaded to Wisibel, and automatically creates a customer experience that is completely unique. The customer gets access to the 3D model via a URL link, which works on the mobile phone, computer and tablet.


With the HusHubs module, you can apply options, price logic and documents to the 3D model. We can also apply advanced regulations to HusHubben, such as prices that vary depending on geography or options that affect the price of other options.


When you become a customer, we set up your optional library with choice of materials, colors and products in 3D in dialogue with you. We also adapt your customer profile so that the platform is completely adapted to your brand.

Wisibel Calculator

This module extracts all data from the BIM model and calculates different values. This can e.g. be a quantity of all materials for the house or a sharp quote. But it can also be a document that tells what different surfaces each subcontractor should count on, or a picking list that the sawmill can get where all the material is spec per apartment, house or module. The possibilities are endless with this module.

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