Combining production/construction & marketing material.

Allowing your customers to customize their future home in real time 3D, with the options you offer.

The Vizconfigurator has a number of different features, all of which aim tie production and sales of buildings together with a beautiful and interactive interface, allowing users to zoom, rotate, personalize and interact with their future house or apartment.

The Vizconfigurator can also be used internally as an options portal for construction projects, helping staff assign and keep track on specific interior choices.



Online builder

On your website we set up a 3d-based optional selector of your house catalog, you provide us with the options and we do the rest.

Bygg online 3.png

Sales Support

Send your customer-unique houses from Vertex to the Vizconfigurator and then the end customer can sit at home with the computer and choose mixer, roof color, exterior door and so on. Complete insight into all the details of the house for the buyer and an administrative dream for the seller.


The HouseHub feature allows for sharing documents and graphic information about a current building project, offering drawing, construction documents and visualization of the building in one place.

Hushub 2.png

Options portal

Building and options chooser all in the same feature, fully automated. The Options portal allows the customer to choose their home in a construction project, access the interior, and make their own customization. 


  • Customized houses in configurable environment

  • Very user friendly

  • Simplifies communication between producer & consumer

  • Manages options both internally and externally

  • Interacts with consumers

  • Hear automation level

  • Adapted to customer profile

  • Buildable in infinity

  • Works on all types of screens, computer, mobile, etc.

  • All you need is a browser

How it works

The CAD model is uploaded from Vertex to the Viz configurator and well there all the options and functions that you have in your customer profile are automatically applied. A URL link is sent back and with this link you can then configure and design your house. When the choices are made, the configuration is sent to the respective parties and the options can be sent straight into your business system.