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Vizcon was started by Martin Carlsson and with the goal of helping with the commitment, experience and smart technology to make the construction process better and safer for the end customer.

Our team

Martin Carlsson

Founder / Owner

Martin previously worked as a carpenter and also a business developer at Ästad Vingård, in 2014 he started with 3D visualization to make it easier for his customers and to be able to present his models more clearly.


Martin is now working to run the company in a wonderful spirit and towards high goals. His vision is to be able to develop not only the company but the entire construction industry.

Viktor Valdemarsson

Civil engineer / BIM projector

Viktor is basically a carpenter and further trained as a civil engineer, immediately after the training Viktor started with us.


Here he mostly works with designing and producing production documents for house factories around the country.

Christian Pehrsson

Civil engineer / BIM projector

Christian comes from a family business in the construction industry. He changed to a civil engineer, started working as a truss designer. In 2019, he started with us at Vizcon.


Christian works mainly with house suppliers and produces everything from building permit documents to production documents.

Johan Ringqvist

Civil engineer / BIM projector

Johan is trained as a qualified carpenter and worked a few years before he further trained as a BIM designer, he has worked as both a designer and designer at architecture and construction companies. 2020 He started at Vizcon.


With us, Johan will first and foremost design villas and produce documents for prefab production and assembly documents.

Sofie Johansson

Civil engineer / BIM projector

Sofie is a trained civil engineer and has worked as a truss designer for 4 years before she started with us in the spring of 2020. Sofie will have the greatest focus on helping construction companies with both A & K drawings and static calculations.


We strongly believe in long-term collaborations with construction companies, to simplify their everyday lives, and Sofie will develop these collaborations with us.

Sara Grimberg

Administration / Marketing

Baltzar Mattsson

Development manager

Baltzar is basically a systems scientist and has worked with software development since 2016. He works with both backend and frontend and focuses on building sustainable tools that solve problems for the construction industry.


At Vizcon, he is responsible for further development and maintenance of the platform that Vizcon provides and uses internally to streamline operations.

Lucas Adolfsson

Product manager

Lucas has for several years worked with sales and development of software. In 2016, Lucas and colleagues began developing the 3D platform Wisibel for visualization and sales of buildings.


At Vizcon, Lucas is responsible for the visualization platform Wisibel, and also works with customer and partner relationships.

Elin Hall

Project manager

Elin has a background in management, interior design and customer service.


At Vizcon, Elin works as a project manager for our optional selector and with setting up our customers' specific material and product libraries.

Alexander Johansson


Alexander is a trained architect with a background from Umeå's and Chalmers' architectural program.


Since the autumn of 2020, Alexander has been working at Vizcon to strengthen our architectural competence. His main area is design phases for both villas and smaller apartment buildings.

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